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     1st Half 2018

8-6-18. It has been 2 months since our last update. The Greek Army is now up. All 4 Army Corps and the ASDEN as they probably would have appeared in the mid-to-late 1990s. Some upgrades were occuring prior to the Greek Army reorganization. You will find a mixture of new and old equipment. M-42 Dusters; A-7H, M48A5 MOLF; M60A1 RISE; just to name a few. When I get around to adding in Naval Assets to all the Advanced Assault, I will address the Greek Navy's landing craft then. In the mean time I have provided "inflatables" that can be used to deploy the leg units. In re-publishing the countries for the Advanced Assault, I am trying to get more detail into the OOBs and units available. IF I have left something out or anyone has specific knowledge of discrepancies please let me know. Sometimes I find the references to be scant to say the least and make "educated" guesses on what the organization may actually be. I used 3 different sources of the Greek Army and Air Forces depicted and they did not always agree; however, I think what you have is decent representation of what the Greek Army may have looked like in a Warsaw Pact world of the 1990s.

Next up, I am working on  some scenarios featuring the 1970s equipment and R.O.A.D. organizations.. Yep that's right; Shillelaghs and Starships; 5 tank platoons; M60A1s versus T62s and T-64s. First up in the R.O.A.D. to Destruction series (circa 1975) is the 11th ACR fighting back the hordes in the Fulda Gap. Then later the 1st Armored Division counter-attacks. I am going to be putting the original Points system for creating your own scenarios and a version of that for the new scenarios. In the meantime; ENJOY!!!

8-13-18. I had to add a new page to the site. Fan Questions. I got such a fantastic battery of questions from fan Stephen Weatherman that I had to share them. I hope the answers help. PLEASE send any questions or comments to I will answer them to the best of my ability. Enjoy!!

8-14-18. A little minor tweeking to the Appendix A. Sequence of Play. It more accurately reflects the intent of the new Artillery procedure. Both players record Artillery missions in the Movement phases prior to movement. Artillery missions are fired during the subsequent fire phase. This is more accurate in my opinion to what actually occurs; at least in my experience working with FISTs and FOs. One thing I like to encourage is players to modify these "suggestions" into their own house rules. If you like it use it, if not develop your own; just ENJOY the game!!

10-1-18. Thought I would update the blog. Real life has gotten in the way of the hobby recently but I hope to get back into the drill very soon. I just do not like the attempted solo version so that will be nixed for now. I have started work on the Norwegians and that will probably come out next. I am still tweeking artwork on the 1970s ROAD scenario. I am looking forward to getting that out. 5 tank platoons, M551s, M48s, and M60s versus T-62s, T-64s, and a smattering of T-72s here and there. Thanks for all the support from everyone out there! Enjoy!!

10-16-18. **UPDATE** Work is progressing nicely on Allied Forces Northern Europe (AFNORTH). The Allied Forces North Norway (NON) is complete and I am working on the Allied Forces South Norway (SONOR). The study of Norwegian Army will be much more comprehensive then in the first iteration. The upgrading of systems actually begin in the late late 90s but we accelerated it a couple of years to account for a viable Warsaw Pact threat throughout the decade. Leopard 2A4s have begun to replace the Leopard 1s and M48A5s. The Chaffees are gone and the CV90 has begun to make it's appearance along with the Stinger (replacing the RBS 70 in some units). So more to come. Enjoy!

11-02-18. Well the weather is getting colder and it only seems fitting that we should revisit the Northern Regions of the East-West conflict. The first installment of AFNORTH is here with the re-vamped Norwegian Army. I used three sources for the order of battle and I think this is considerably more comprehensive than my prior effort. Along with the active Norwegian units I have also included the Home Guard Brigades and Distrikt militias. I did advance the deployment of the CV-9030N but only a couple of years; however, I did not expand it beyond the historical deployment so you will only find them in Brigade Nord. You will find a mixture of Type 90, Type 90 modified, Type 78 and Type 78 modified battalions.  I think we have done a decent job in modeling the Norwegian Army as it might have appeared in a Warsaw Pact 1990s world. The unit data cards will be out in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to hearing from our Scandinavian fans. In the meantime, more to come. ENJOY!!!

12-12-18. The USMC is now available. I took a different approach this time around and have attempted to model the entire II MEF along with the associated Marine Air Wing. I have also added the Aircraft Direct Fire Data Charts for all the NATO countries published thus far. I am moving towards eliminating the generic Aircraft Data Chart. I still have the Unit Data Cards to do for Norway, Canada, UK, and the USMC; but I figured it was more important at this time to push out the USMC force. I have just received some wonderfully written and presented fan rules that I am still processing and will have out soon. In the mean time... Have a Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate and a Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe and ENJOY!!!

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