1st Quarter 2017

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7-4-17. Happy 4th of July. Well sorry for the long delay; but I think it was worth it. We have added 2 Armies (Netherlands and Belgian) plus the Luxembourg army to NATO. Rules for 3 element platoons have been expanded and I added the HARM and AIM-9 weapons systems. The UK recon units have been upgraded for the correct values for the CVR(T) Scimitar and Scorpion. Honestly, I can't remember all of the changes. Sort through it all and let me know. I think this is the largest expansion I have done at one time. You will also find the FRG Unit Data Cards and revised German Fire Data Charts ENJOY!!!

7-5-17. Now that the dust has settled a bit, some more comments. You will find that the Belgian mechanized platoons consist of four 1 step units. I made this modeling decision because the platoon consists of  2 AIFVs and 2 YPR-765s. I felt that these two vehicles are so different that they could not be modeled with one counter, and  I wanted to simulate what a platoon with dissimiliar vehicles would be like. For operations point purposes, the platoon vehicles can be activated as a single unit only if both vehicles are stacked together; if separated they should be treated as two distinct units.

The upgrade to the website was too big and I think I will stick with more frequency and less volume. I am still working through errors here and there so forgive the progress..What next? Well, I have about a half  dozen new HEXDRAW maps and I have just about completed the rules and maps for Urban Assault; I have finished the Russian 21st Century artwork; I am working on U.S. III Corps and XVIII Airborne Corps; and I still have PACT countries and remaining NATO countries to get to. My goal is to finish all this by December 2017. I hope that for 2018, I can move into the 21st Century. We shall see... ENJOY!!!

7-8-17. Christmas in July!! Something new and different. I have finished Urban Assault rules along with counters and HEXDRAW Maps. I have also added a North German Plain map and a Coastal Map. Thanks to Jo Bader and HEXDRAW for the maps. I look forward to the questions and comments.. ENJOY!!

7-10-17. Some minor alterations to the Dutch Army page based on observations of Louis K. You will notice that the Divisions are basically administrative units (the reconnaissance units are posted with the Divisional HQs that they are associated with). Louis informed me that the Brigade is the largest maneuver unit in the Dutch Army and that the brigades would be mixed through the divisions. Also, the 51, 52 and 53 brigades were reserve units that were not necessarily assigned to the 5th Divisie but more than likely split up between the 1st and 4th Divisies. I have also added the Regimental names. More to come!! ENJOY!!!

7-13-17. New rules for smoke generating units are now available.  I have also clarified and upgraded the Logistic rules. New smoke counters are available in Advanced Assault and the U.S. 7th Army has the chemical companies available for assigned divisions. More to come!! ENJOY!!!

7-22-17. The Central Group of Forces is now available. A quick word on the Order of Battles that we have here. I use several sources, from the home countries if  I  can find them. Then I postulate where these countries would have been in a 1990s world IF the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union had existed and continued the arms race. Advanced Assault is built upon this premise. It is quite possible that the OOBs/TO&Es will differ slightly from the historical models.  I hope this helps in explaining why you do not find M60A3s in Europe and why there are varies models of Abrams, not so many T-64s and more T-80s . I guess I have never quite explained that and I hope you will forgive any slight deviations. Berlin Assault scenario coming soon. ENJOY!!! 

7-28-17. I got the U. S. III Corps out, all that is left now is to complete the U. S. XVIII Airborne Corps. For those new to the site, the 1990s section is theoretical in that the Warsaw Pact did not survive very far into the 90s and the CFE treaty temporarily reduced European forces. The so-called "peace dividend" slowed or eliminated projected weapon and force deployments. The Assault 1990s section postulates that none of that happened and the arms race continued. That being said have fun with it. The map making continues. Berlin proper is complete; working on completing the western approaches to the city, a modified terrain guide, force pools and a scenario for the Berlin Brigades versus the DDR and Soviet forces. Also, I have completed the template map for a 2018 Poland/Russia/Germany scenario. Keep in touch... More to come.. ENJOY!!!

8-12-2017 I have added the Hungarian People's Army. Please take time to read the 1988 Army reforms that were being implemented at the time of the fall of communism. It is a good article and will explain the OOB used. I did have to do a little bit of guess work. From I what I found, the Hungarians had much smaller rifle platoons and squads, you'll find this reflected in the fire data charts. The Lithuania scenarios are coming along fine. The first map is done and the armies are coming together nicely. In the meantime, ENJOY!!

8-29-2017. The Lithuanian Incident is now published. This is going to be a series of scenarios with maps on a potential NATO-Russia conflict in the Baltic States sometime in the 21st Century. Upgrades of Russian and Western equipment and the introduction of new armies are coming. I will still be updating the 1990s Assault also. I look forward to feedback on the new section. ENJOY!!

‚Äč9-8-2017. The updating of  the Warsaw Pact continues with the addition of the Southern Group of Forces. The units OOBs are based upon the numbers reported in the CFE Treaty. I found the actual makeup of the units in 1990 very interesting. While T-64s dominated the tank units of the SGF, the motorized rifle where quite more diverse, ranging from BTR-60s to a mix of BMP-1s and BMP-2s. You may also observe that the M1979 mine clearing vehicle has been given the correct designation of UR-77. Only the counter has changed, the data for the vehicle is the same. I think you will find that the OOBs will give you a different look for Soviet units. ENJOY!!

11-8-2017. Well it has been 2 months since the last update and I apologize for the delay. The new Romanian Army is now out. It is twice the size of the intial army published under the 1985 section. Yes, those are T-34s, SU-100s, SU-76Ms and ZiS-3s in the Romanian inventory. No there are no TR-125s (T-72s). They still have the SU-100s in storage, though the T-34s and the rest have been removed. The TR-125s were never produced for service though they did have around 30 of them. It looks like they found it cheaper to upgrade the T-54/55s into the TR-580s, T-55Ms, and TR-85s then to acquire and produce the T-72. Well ENJOY and I hope it won't be as long to the next release.

2nd Quarter 2017

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