1-5-2018. Welcome to a new year of myassaultpage.com. This will be our 5th year of the website dedicated to all things GDW Assault. Our goals for 2018 are expansion of the 21st Century Assault; completion of the updating of the Assault 1990s; revamp of  Korean Assault and the new Middle-East Assault. We had over 100,000 visits last year and hope to improve on that in 2018. Visit the Facebook page or shoot me an email with comments, criticisms, suggestions or just to say hello. I have already added a new section in Advanced Assault highlighting Soviet Operations FM 100-2-1. This is mainly to help non-military fans understand the Soviet (Warsaw Pact) concepts and doctrines and for us old grognards who's memories aren't what they used to be. I am trying to get the next scenario of the Lithuanian Incident published along with the updated Bulgarian People's Army and 2 new Alpine maps. Lots to come, in the mean time ENJOY!

2-17-18. The newest edition to Assault is the Scenario section in the 1990 Advanced Assault. This new section will introduce new graphics and new artillery rules that improve solitaire play (and I think more accurately simulates actual practice). The Campaign as a whole represents the epic battle between the US 3rd Infantry Division (M) and the Soviet 8th Guards Combined Arms Army. In the first scenario, Scouts Out, the Scout platoon of the 1/30th Mech Task Force meets the 5th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion of the 27th Guards Motorized Division. Only rules 1-16 are used and the even though Assault Map A is specified, any map can be used. Each scenario will introduce new units and more rules, in a tutorial sort of way.

The Bulgarians and the next installment of the Lithuanian scenario are still in progress and a new section with new counters based on the original Assault counters is coming soon thanks to Perry Pender. In the meantime, ENJOY!!!

2-27-18. New section featuring the orginal GDW style units with artwork by superfan Perry Pender. I will be adding the original Data Charts and Rules from the original game but I wanted to go ahead and get this fantastic work out. More to Come. ENJOY!!!

2-28-18. I added the original charts for the Assault 1985 pages. History has shown that some of the original charts were off in their predictions of how modern weapons performed, mainly because some systems were still classified at the time. I enjoyed playing it then and knowing of some discrepancies, it did not diminish the experience. That being said.. more to come.. ENJOY!!!

3-8-2018. The new scenario, Advance Guard, is out for the Phase III Assault. You will find NEW Artillery rules that I think are more reflective of practices in call for fire. Also, there is a new fan site; Cold War Gamer blog, that I added to the HOME page. I have used this as a source in the past and it has good reference material. Please visit.  Still slowly putting together the last part of the Bulgarian Army for the Phase II artwork. Then from now on I will be using only Phase III artwork... more to come... ENJOY!!!

3-13-18. The third scenario for the Phase III Advanced Scenarios is out. DIV CAV pits the 4/4 Cav against the 68 Guards MRR and some 27 Guards MRD assests. More to come... ENJOY!!!

4-18-18. The 4th Scenario, Main Attack, in the saga of the 1st Brigade-3rd ID vs 27th MRD is available. I went to a slightly larger format so that the counters are easier to read but you can scale them to any size you want. For reference, the counter backs in Scenario 4 will only line up with the scenario 4 counters.  I apologize for not publishing the Phase II Bulgarian Army. It is done but I just have not put it on the website yet. There is at least one more scenario I want to do for Phase III. I hope the Phase III material meets with approval. Anyway.. More to Come... ENJOY!!!

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