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1-8-2017.  Welcome to the 2017 edition of ... We are entering our 3rd year of this fan site. Last year we had 76,000 plus visits which I think is pretty darn good. It was a 25,000 visit increase over 2015. We have had visitors from all over the world; France, England, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Russia, China, Australia and others. I hope that 2017 will be an even better year. My goal is to finish revamping the counters, adding more maps and scenarios. As with each year, if anyone out there has any requests please let me know. I have finished the Czechoslovakian Peoples Army and it's now available. There are some revisions to what has been previously published. As all ways, more is to come. ENJOY!

1-12-2017. Finally got the FRG 95% finished. The I Korps is now out along with the Artillery Commands for the II Korps and III Korps. These Artillery Commands add an extra MLRS battalion and a drone battery to each corps.  I also updated the FRG Main Battle Tank Direct Fire Data chart. The Leopard 2, 2A4, and 2A5 are all equipped with the Rheinmetall L44 120mm smoothbore. I left the Leopard 2 ammunition selection the same as the original GDW values. My intent here is to reflect the upgraded ammunition that came out with the 2A4 and the 2A5. In reality it is the same gun and the Leopard 2 could shoot the same ammunition. The Leopard 2A6 carries the Rheinmetall L55 120mm smoothbore. The longer barrel L55 can fire the same ammunition as the L44 but the extra length improves the capabilities of the ammunition. The L55 adds another 1600 meters to the range of the ammunition but I scaled this back to around 1000 meters. At those distances the ammunition tends to outshoot the optics, more so in the mid-late 90s as opposed to today. The L55 began development around 1990-1992. The Swiss, Dutch and Germans modernization program for the Leopard 2 began in October 1991 and included the L55 upgrade. Of course, with the implosion of the Soviet Union the year before, as with most of these programs, i.e. Tiger/Tigre helicopter, the lack of urgency slowed the development process and the 2A6 equipped L55 tanks did not began to deploy until the very late 1990s and early 2000s.  Looks like we will be moving back north to see what the Poles are up to. In the meantime, ENJOY!!

***Bonus*** The FRG 3 Panzer Divison (Assigned to I Netherlands Corps) is now available.

1-17-2017. Okay, I got to looking at the rules and did not like the way I had convoluted the process for anti-armor versus ERA equipped vehicles. It did not make sense. I went back and re-wrote it to reflect my initial intent and I think it came out better. Still working on the Polish. I have finished the updated artwork and it is coming along nicely. ENJOY!!

1-30-2017. Took time out from the Polish to publish the U.S. Data Cards. I got a lot of positive response back on this. I am working on the Soviet cards and once I get them out it won't take long to punch out the Poles... hmmm... Well let me know if I missed something. ENJOY!!

2-2-2017. Corrected the SA ammo supplies on the US Data Cards for vehicles equipped with the 7.62mm M240/M60. I apologize for using the wrong formula in calculating. I am working on the Soviet Cards and have completed the MBTs and most of the tracked APCs. I have not gotten any feedback on these yet but I hope they are well received. There are some minor changes for some units. I think the cards more accurately reflect the abilities and limitations of the units. Look for some redo of some Soviet units already published. The T-80U will be making an appearance and the T-80 will be scaled back. I have also found in constructing the Soviet Data Cards that the original ammunition allocation was very liberal when compared to reality. There will be significant changes in some units which I think will make the game much more interesting. Look for the Soviets in a week or two then the Poles. I will also publish the Data Cards for the Czechs and East Germans. ENJOY!!

2-15-2017. Okay , the Soviet Union Data Cards are out. As with all these Data Cards, the values are intended to be used with Advanced Assault. That being said, they represent a more accurate view of ammunition supplies and weapon performance based on the actual combat use of the weapons as opposed to the original "estimates" or guesses. I think they force you to pick your moment especially when operating as the Warsaw Pact. Anyways, back to the Poles.. ENJOY!!

3-6-2017.  Work continues on the Polish People's Army. I am down to the last to division in the 4th Combined Arms Army. This a major revision to previously published Polish units. I think it is more accurate with a wider variety of Polish/Czech produced equipment. I still have to do Polish, Czech and East German Unit Data Cards, though I probably will publish the Polish first. I re-equipped the Soviet 119th ITR (8G CAA) with T-80U tanks, more to play with. Also, you will find an update to the Advanced Assault Counter-Battery Artillery Rules.  Anyways, be patient please and I will have the Poles out soon (week-week & half). In the meantime, the website is renewed for another year. ENJOY!!

3-25-2017. Work continues on the Polish Peoples Army. Just about done uploading the army units and I am continuing to work on the Data Cards. I have also updated the Soviet Infantry units and added in the AT-13 Saxhorn 2 atgm to the platoon UDCs. I hope to have the Poles done in a week or two. In the meantime; ENJOY!!!

4-1-2017. Finally the Polish Army is out. You will find an expanded version in Advanced Assault. I used 3 OOBs from 1985, 1988 and 1989 to come up with a plausible version of the Polish Peoples Army of 1995+. The hardest thing about developing this is that for the 10 years of the 1980s the Poles became less and less dependent upon the Soviets for guidance in military matters and weapons development as compared to other Warsaw Pact countries. The Polish Army of the 90s, in my imagination, came about as a result of several what might have beens. For instance, Solidarity movement failed. As a result the Polish Communist government moved closer to the Soviet Union. The Poles continued to develop their own versions of  Soviet equipment, i.e. PT-91, and work with the Czechs on some projects; and forgoing the acquisition of Soviet systems, like the T-72B, SU-25, MiG-27 and 2S3. So you will find a mish-mash of Soviet,  Czech and Polish homegrown equipment. The Poles were also later in adopting some Soviet doctrinal and organizational concepts. I hope you like what you find and as usual feel free to ask any questions. In the meantime, ENJOY!!!

4-18-2017. I added the Warsaw Pact Northern Group of Forces along with the upgraded 6th Guards Motorized Rifle Division and the 20th Tank Division. You will also find a new rule on the Warsaw Pact 3 tank platoons. Basically, the tank platoons for the original Assault are all 4 tank platoons, that way the Soviet/US/UK/FRG units were all on par and no special rules were needed. The Soviets used 4 tank platoons in the tank battalions of the Motorized Rifle Regiments. ALL other tank platoons were 3 tank platoons. So there is now a HIT-2 marker that is to be used for tank platoons not organic to Motorized Rifle Regiment. Hits basically represent the degradation in unit's ability to perform combat operations. The -2 value is used when determining base front/flank armor; base chance to spot; base chance for spotting; base chance to hit (degradation in fire power). Thanks to Jeffrey F for helping with that.  I am working on a excel chart that will have platoon sizes and plan to expand the HIT-2 rule. ENJOY!!

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