194th Armored Brigade

V Corps HQ

3rd Sustainment Command

B Co./1-205th MI Battalion

B Co./165th MI Battalion

​E Co./51st Infantry (LRSU)


197th Infantry Brigade (M)

12th Combat Aviation Brigade

2-229th Attack Helicopter Battalion

5-6th Air Cavalry Squadron

1-151st Attack Helicopter Battalion (SC ARNG)

6-158th Aviation Battalion

C Co./7-158th Aviation Battalion

5-158th Aviation Battalion

V Corps Chemical Companies

22nd Chemcal Company-3rd Armor Division

25th Chemcal Company-8th Infantry Division

31st Chemical Company-4th Infantry Division

42nd Field Artillery Brigade

5-3rd Field Artillery Battalion

2-32nd Field Artillery Battalion

1-27th Field Artillery Battalion

6-82nd Field Artillery Battalion

H Bty-20th Field Artillery

3rd Armored Division

130th Combat Engineer Brigade

4th Infantry Division (M)

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

(III Corps REFORGER unit to V Corps on deployment to Europe)

V Corps

18th Military Police Brigade

93rd Military Police Battalion

709th Military Police Battalion

41st Field Artillery Brigade

4-77th Field Artillery Battalion

1-32nd Field Artillery Battalion

4-7th Field Artillery Battalion

2-15th Field Artillery Battalion

F Bty-75th Field Artillery



8th Infantry Division (M)