4th Armour Division

​11th Armour Brigade

​1st Bn, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

1st Bn, 51st Highland Volunteers

Milan Plt/1Bn, 52nd Lowland Volunteers

Milan Plt/2 Bn, 51st Highland Volunteers

4th Armour Division

​Hq 4th Armour Division

4th Ordinance Battalion

76th Transportation Regiment

​114th Provost Company, Royal Military Police

4th Armour Division

Hq 20th Armour Brigade

720 Electronic Warfare Section

​4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars

4th Armour Division

Hq 11th Armour Brigade

711 Electronic Warfare Section

​5th Royal Inskilling Dragoon Guards

​2nd Bn, The Queen's Regiment

4th Armour Division

20th Armour Brigade

2nd Bn, The Royal Irish Rangers

5th Bn, The Queen's Regiment

​Milan Plt/3rd Bn, The Royal Regiment of Wales

Milan Plt/ 5th/8th Bn, The King's Regiment

4th Armour Division

35th Field Regiment RE

29 Field Squadron RE

37 Field Squadron RE

42 Field Squadron RE

​44 Field Support Squadron RE

4th Armour Division

Hq 19th Infantry Brigade

82 Electronic Warfare Section

The Royal Hussars

1st Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment

4th  Armour Division

19th Infantry Brigade

​1st Bn, The King's Own Border Regiment

3rd Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment

4th Armour Division

​Hq Maintenance 4th Armour Division

4 Armoured Workshop

​8 Field Workshop



4th Armour Division

Hq RA 4th Armour Division

19 Field Regiment Royal Artillery

26 Field Regiment Royal Artillery

43 Air Defense Battery Royal Artillery