4th Armoured Division

I British Corps Transportation Command

1st Armoured Division

3rd Armoured Division

I British Corps Rear Area Security Battalions

        BAOR OOB

I British Corps

14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare)

223 Signal Squadron (EW)

226 Signal Squadron (EW)

237 Signal Squadron (EW)

​245 Signal Squadron (EW)

I Br Corps Engineer Group RE

Berlin Brigade

I British Corps

23rd Special Air Service Regiment

I British Corps

Joint Helicopter Command Royal Air Force

(Support Helicopter Force)

7 Squadron

18 Squadron

​27 Squadron

33 Squadron

230 Squadron



2nd Infantry Division

1st Artillery Brigade I Br Corps

Hq I British Corps

1st Bn, The Queen's Dragoon Guards

16th/5th Bn, The Queen's Royal Lancers

664 Squadron Army Aviation Command

​12th Flight Army Aviation Command