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1-6-20. Added Israeli Air Force; added Egyptian Air Force; added Egyptian 3rd Army; added the Al Jahra Task Force (Kuwait) updated the Egyptian Fire Charts for addition of Kuwaiti Task Force.

7-12-20. Added Golan Heights 1973; Added the Israeli Northern Command; Added the Syrian and Arab Armies. Corrected the Israeli Direct Fire Charts (MBT); Added the Institute for Defense Analysis Assessment of the Weapons and Tactics of the Yom Kippur War.

7-14-20. Added the Belarus Army to 21st Century Assault. Updated the Anti-armor tables in Middle East Assault.

7-16-20. Updated the Soviet Air Defense, P Class, and Indirect Fire Data Charts in Advanced Assault in the 1990s.

​7-18-20. Updated the Anti-Armor Combat Charts in Advanced Assault Charts and Tables.

7-19-20. Added Portugal to NATO. Added Advanced Armor Spreadsheets to all NATO and Warsaw Pact nations. Added Vseruby Map by Ulf Krahn.

7-22-20. Corrected Anti-armor charts in Middle East Assault.

7-25-20. Added Advanced Capability Spreadsheets to each country. Updated Advanced Assault Rules

12-16-20. Updated the East German Army.