1-8-2017.Added the Czechoslovakian Peoples Army to Advanced Assault.

1-12-2017. Added the FRG I Korps; added the FRG II Korps and III Korps Artillerie Kommandos (2 Artillerie Kommando & 3 Artillerie Kommando); updated theFRG MBT Direct Fire Chart for the L55 cannon; added the FRG 3 Panzer Division

1-13-2017. Added the FRG 6 Panzergrenadier Division(LANDJUT)

1-14-2017. Corrected Czechoslovakia Vehicle and Air Defense Direct Fire Data Chart for the OT-65A. OT-65A is armed with 7.62mm MG and 82mm Recoiless Rifle.

1-18-2017. Corrected the Hit Confirmation Process for Advanced Assault (ERA equipped vehicles); updated the Anti-Armor Guide..

1-30-2017. Added United States Army Data Cards

2-1-2017. Corrected SCAP and SA Ammo supply for  M1 series and M60A3 Data Cards

2-2-2017. Corrected SA Ammo supply for all US Units equipped with M240/M60 7.62mm machineguns. Added the M88A2 to US Data Cards

2-15-2017. Added rules on Digital Communication, Pre-plotted Artillery Fire; Hit Confirmation; Unit Data Cards and Aircraft Strike PackagesAdded the Soviet Union Unit Data CardsUpdated the 47th Guards Tank Division.

3-6-2017. Re-equipped the 119th Independent Tank Regiment-8th Guards Combined Arms Army. Updated Advanced Artillery Rules.

4-1-2017. Added the updated/upgraded Polish Army

4-8-2017. Corrected the Soviet AT-13 for Soviet Infantry

4-18-2017. Added the Warsaw Pact Northern Group of Forces; added rules for 3 tank platoons (Rule 10, page 19)

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Assembly Area Archives