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2-5-23. Updated SM-240 Soviet IDF Chart

3-9-23 Updated 2023 Advanced Assault Rule set.

10-23-23 Oz 77 scenario.

​11-14-23 Updated the OZ 77 Initial Setup & Reinforcements; OZ 77 Specific Rules Additions; NATO & Warsaw PACT Aircraft capabilities Charts and NATO & Warsaw Pact Helicopter Transport Chart

3-20-24. Updated Leningrad Military District, Soviet Navy, and moved Soviet Airborne units to the VDV tab. Updated Soviet Indirect Fire, Tracked Vehicle and SPA/Air Defense Fire Charts.

4-14-24. Updated Soviet Naval Fire Chart

4-23-24. Updated all Warsaw Pact Fire Charts. Updated the Bulgarian Army. Created the 905th Desant Battalion, 23rd Desant Infantry BrigadeOdessa Military District and Balkan Front

4-24-24. Added link to Soviet Armed Forces website (Warsaw Pact Page).

4-25-24. Updated the rules for Single Vehicle/Unit combat Rule 11F.

5-3-24. Updated Romanian Army

5-13-24. Created the Albanian Army in Non-aligned Nations page. Added Attack Aircraftchart to Non-aligned Nations page.

5-16.24 Updated the Hungarian Army.

5-26-24. UpdatedSoviet Helicopter and Tracked Vehicle Direct Fire Charts. Added Original 1st (1983) and 2nd (1984) Edition Assault Rulebook

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