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1-5-18. Added the FM 100-2-1 Soviet Operations page.

1-9-18. Added FM 100-2-2 Specialized Warfare and Rear Area Operations; added FM 100-2-3 Organization and Equipment. Corrected the Italian Air Defense Command Aspide units (Unit rating should be

W-S not P-L).

1-13-18. Updated the Soviet 2B11 class 120mm Mortar for the GRAN laser guided mortar round

2-17-18. Added the Scenarios page to 1990s Assault with new graphics.

2-27-18. Added the Assault 1985 page featuring artwork by Perry Pender.

2-28-18. Added the original Soviet and US DF/IDF charts to respective 1985 pages; added original Conventional Fire, Movement and Command Tables to Assault 1985.

3-8-18. Added the 2nd Scenario Advance Guard. New Blog, Cold War Gamer added to home page

3-13-18. Added the 3rd Scenario Div Cav to the Phase III scenarios.

4-18-18. Added the 4th Scenario Main Attack to the Phase III Scenarios. Scenario 4 has larger view counters.

5-3-18. Added the Rock of The Marne Campaign to Phase III Scenarios.

5-4-18. Added III Corps Chemical Companies to U. S. III Corps (Phase II).

5-6-18. Clarification and Victory Conditions added to Scenario Instructions for the Rock of The Marne Campaign. Corrected I Belgian Corps Logistique units (Phase 2).

6-3-18. Added the Phase II Bulgarian People's Army to the Warsaw Pact

8-6-18. Added the Greek Army page.

8-13-18. Added the Fan Questions page.

11-3-18. Added the Norwegian Army.

12-12-18. Added the United States Marine Corps. Added Aircraft Direct Fire Data Charts to U.K., France, Canada, Denmark and U.S. Army.